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Against the Grain: A Deep History of The Earliest States, James C. Scott (PDF)
Bread; Scott Cutler Shershow
Bread Matters; Andrew Whitley
Grain of Truth; Stephen Yafa
6000 Years of Bread; H.E. Jacob Oceans of Grain: How American Wheat Remade the World; Scott Reynolds Nelson 
The New Bread Basket; Amy Halloran
White Bread: A Social History of the Store-Bought Loaf; Aaron Bobrow-Strain
The Violence of the Green Revolution; Vandana Shiva (PDF)
The Book of Bread, Owen Simmon (PDF)
The Conquest of Bread; Peter Kropotkin (PDF) 
Eating NAFTA; Alyshia Galvez
The Mills-Bakeries of Ostia; Jan Theo Bakker
Women on the Breadlines, Meridel Le Sueur 

Feeding the Empire; Harriet Friedman The Contradictions of the Green Revolution; Harry Cleaver CARE AND CONVEYANCE: Buying Baladi Bread in Cairo; Jessica Barnes, Mariam Taher 
Struggling to Perform the State: The Politics of Bread in the Syrian Civil War; Dr. José Ciro Martinez Leavening Neoliberalization’s Uneven Pathways: Bread, Governance and Political Rationalities in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; Dr. José Ciro Martinez Leavened Apprehensions: Bread Subsidies and Moral Economies In Hashemite Jordan; Dr. José Ciro MartínezSite of Resistance or Apparatus of Acquiescence? Tactics at the Bakery; Dr. José Ciro Martínez White science and indigenous maize: the racial logics of the Green Revolution; Aaron EddinsLinguistic Markers of Status in Food Culture: Bourdieu’s Distinction in a Menu Corpus; Journal of Cultural Analytics
BREAD, FREEDOM, SOCIAL JUSTICE: The Egyptian Uprising and a Sufi Khidma; Amira Mittermaier Exploiting genetic diversity from landraces in wheat breeding for adaptation to climate change; Journal of Experimental Botany
The Tortilla Cartel; Elizabeth Dunn Land and seed laws under attack: who is pushing changes in Africa?; AFSA, GRAIN The Highest Bidder Takes It All: The World Bank’s Scheme To Privatize The Commons; Oakland Institute  Breaking Bread: the Functions of Social Eating

Black Bread, Hard Bread: Food, Class and Hunger in Italy

Bread: The Most Iconic of Foods

Bread and Beer: The Beginning of Agriculture

Food Economy, Ch. 5, Handbook of Plant Palaeoecology

Bread- Staple or Luxury?

Traditional flat breads spread from the Fertile Crescent: Production process and history of baking systems

Modelling shifts in cereal cultivation in Egypt from the start of agriculture until modern times

Bread Ovens, Social Networks and Gendered Space: An Ethnoarchaeological Study of Tandir Ovens in Southeastern Anatolia

Lost Crops of Africa: Grains; Board on Science and Technology for International Development

Flour Ambassador/ Amy Halloran 
Scotland The Bread
Real Bread Campaign/ Sustain 
California Grain Campaign 
Thousand Bites of Bread
Land Institute
Flatbread Society
The Fresh Loaf
Museo del Pane, Parma
MUCEM, Bread Collection 
Food Tank
Good Food Org Guide
Heritage Grain Conservancy
Whole Grains Council
The Bread Lab, WSU

Cereal from Farmerama (podcast)
The Man Who Tried To Feed The World
Zap!! The Weapon Is Food, John Pilger
Unbroken Ground
Future Food
Soil, Struggle and Justice - Agroecology in the Brazilian Landless Movement
Land Without Bread, Bunuel
And Wheat Completed the Cycle: Flour Mills, Social Memory, and Industrial Culture in Sonora, Mexico

Whole Grain Information and Purveyors
Directory of Flours and Mills, ongoing
Grain guide from GrowNYC’s Regional Grains Project
Baking guide from the California Grain Campaign
Qualities of Emmer, Spelt, Einkorn, Grow NYC

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